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Childrens Jujitsu


childrens jukido


Through our children’s program students not only learn the best & most realistic self-defense curriculum available but at the same time they are armed with the character traits that make them confidence, disciplined, and goal oriented individuals in their daily lives. Children learn a fun yet traditional atmosphere that encourages them to do their best and become their best!



Adult Jujitsu



Students learn jujitsu in a manner that honors its original purpose – reality based self-defense and not as modified form of jujitsu transformed into competitive sport. Adults learn a comprehensive art of self-defense that is designed to allow the user to disable an attacker who will undoubtedly be physically larger or potentially armed. While mastering the realistic approach to self-defense, adult members will also benefit from an unquestionable increase in health & fitness as well as the development of a warrior mindset applicable to daily life.



Women's Self-Defense




The women’s self-defense seminars provided by Jukido Academy not only provide women with the most essential techniques for real world women but it also provides them with the essential strategies that will provide the greatest probability of success in defending themselves if attacked and avoiding an assault to begin with. Women are introduced to self-defense in a friendly environment that empowers them to feel safe and be safe!