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Want to Learn Realistic Martial Arts?

Considering Karate or Jujitsu classes for you or your children?
If so take a moment to read this short article about our school and Karate and Jujitsu (sometimes spelled Jiu-Jitsu or Jujutsu) classes we offer here in Palm Coast. Learn more about us!

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News Last Updated: February 15, 2014

Martial Arts Palm Coast Florida

Jujitsu (Jiu-Jitsu), Karate, Realistic Self-Defense


The Jukido Academy is happy to release information for the 5th annual Jukido Jujitsu Spring Break Camp! Below you can download and print the official flyer and registration form detailing all of the essential information pertaining to the camp being held at our Palm Coast, FL dojo:


The Jukido Academy is announcing the first ever (and long requested) dojo LOCK-IN Shugyo special training event! This unique experience will challenge everyone from beginning white belt to exerienced black belt! Be ready for 12 straight training hours from 8pm to 8am! This experience will be held right inside of our home Palm Coast, Florida dojo. Are you up for the challenge? If so, please refer to the flyer here: Overnight Lock-In Shugyo Flyer

Voted Best Martial Arts School AGAIN! Thank you!

We are so incredibly honored to once again be voted by the Palm Coast and Flagler County readers of the News-Journal &News-Tribune as the BEST AROUND in the category of Martial Arts schools and martial arts instruction! For the last 14 years we have worked incredibly hard to establish ourselves as a dojo defined by the integrity, honor, and tradition of real martial arts as opposed to the more commercialized approach defined by business transactions as the primary motivator. We are glad that this approach, coupled with our emphasis on truly useful, practical, and realistic self-defense has once again made the community vote for us and and acknowledge us as the best martial arts school in Palm Coast and Flagler. Thank you!

Jukido Academy - Bullying Blog:

Check our our new blog entries! Two part essay on the Jukido Academy approach to Bully Prvention for kids and parents! You can link to these blog entries here:

Budo News Editions:

The official publication of the International Kokondo Asssociation (IKA); Budo News:

Featured Articles:

Very soon the Jukido Academy website will feature new videos, articles, and news items. In the meantime, feel free to enjoy the following featured articles:

Jukido Jujitsu & Kokondo Karate

Dojo Address: 4721 State Road 100, Unit 307 & 308, Palm Coast, FL (Amaral Professioanl Plaza - Corner of Belle Terre & SR 100)

Radio Interview: 1 Hour (Commerical Free) Interview with our Chief Instructor from September 2010 highlighting the benefits of Jukido Jujitsu. Credit to the Faith, Family, & Finances Radio Show on WAPN 91.5 FM Click Here to listen: Radio Interview

Jukido Academy - About Us

Florida Jukido Jujitsu Academy (or more commonly - "Jukido Academy") has been the premiere authentic martial arts school in Palm Coast and Flagler County since 1999 offering authentic jujitsu and karate classes for children and adults.

As the longest running school in Palm Coast & Flagler County, Jukido Academy has established itself apart as the trusted source for martial arts instruction and as the local authority on legitmate self defense.

One of the many factors that seperates the Jukido Academy from others is the exclusive focus on the application of realistic martial arts skills for practical no nonsense self-defense for children and adults. Unfortunately, many now focus entirely or almost entirely on martial arts as a competitive sport - moving away from the original purpose of authentic martial arts...self-defense!

Our dojo is the most sought after school of self-defense in Flagler County and the surrounding area and is the most well attended Jukido Jujitsu school in the world - with well over 100 students attending classes for children and adults weekly.

Read more about our dojo and the art of Jukido Jujitsu:

Shihan Paul Arel - Founder:

Shihan Paul Arel: International Kokondo Association (IKA) Founder & American Martial Arts PioneerShihan Paul Arel is the founder of the Kokondo arts of Jukido Jujitsu & Kokondo Karate, as well as the organization which governs these arts: International Kokondo Association (IKA). He practiced authentic martial arts full time from 1950 to January 2009 at the time of his passing. Our school's chief instructor is a direct student of Master Arel.

Shihan Arel is among an elite group of American martial arts pioneer's who introduced Japanese martial arts to the United States after serving in the United States Marine Corps in the orient.

To learn more about our founder, his arts, and his life's work - feel free to click on some of the following links:

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